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Problème CivVI steam

Le jeu ne ce lance pas et j'ai les boules!
Quelqu’un a le même problème?
En attendant je le réinstalle on verra en rentrant ce soir.
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C'est difficile de lancer un jeu dématérialisé. Je pense qu'il te faut la version CD avant.
@Shtechitsu: C'est très très nul mais je pos parce que je manque de sommeil.
@Amumu: C'est totalement assumé et parfait avant d'aller dormir.
Quelqu'un a fait une critique Steam sur Civ VI uniquement pour montrer comment faire tourner le jeu pour les gens qui n'arriveraient pas à le lancer. Il explique en détails ce qu'il faut faire. Je te copie/colle ce qu'il a dit en dernier et qui concerne les bidouilles à faire :

Abstract: Update (2016-10-21 10:22:00 GMT+8?
1. This is not a gameplay review, but solutions about cannot run the game. Do not waste your time to see the whole text if you can play the game after it is released in your zone.
2. I will leave the review negative for 1-2 days to make more people saw this reivew, and then change it to positive. (Which I have mentioned earlier several times, but many people ingored it)
3. Since I found this review is in the top, I will try make to it a more general tutorial to slove the runing problem.

Problem and Solution (The methods I have searched but not test by myself).
Cannot run the game. After pushing the start button, the game in steam client show it is running without any winodw opened.(Maybe a window flashes, then quickly closed). After 2-3 seconds, the runing state dispeared. Or the steam VC++ setup crush.
1. Un/Reinstall the VC++ 2012 2015 for your own OS (x86 or x64) and DirectX in the _CommonRedist fold of the game. Restart the computer.
2. If the installtion is not sucess,
If your use win 8/8.1 of x64, see the "A Note for Windows 8 Users" pinned in discussion, make sure you install the two needed update (KB2919355 and KB2919442). Then Reinstall VC++.
3. If you use Win7 sp1, and directly run the CivlizationVI.exe file in BinariesWin64Steam of game fold. If the error is missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-1-1-0.dll, make sure you install win update kb2999226 (KB2919355 may also be needed).
4. If the runing exe file throw "0xc000007b", See "My issue Summary:" in the following.
5. If you get stuck at the "Continue" button after run the game, Make sure the installation path is pure English.

From a player spent 6+ hours searching the runing problem, and finally run into the game. And spend one hour write the general solution.

My issue Summary: (2016-10-21 07:19:09 GMT+8?
Thank you for the players give me suggesions. I can finally play the game.

If you have the same issue as mine. Simplely cannot start the game, un/reinstalled the vc/DX successfully but does not help. Directly run the game exe file throwing Error 0xc000007b. You have installed Try the following steps:
1. Remove VC++ 2015 of both x86 & x64 versions in the Programs of control pannel.
2. Download and Run the DirectX Repair Tools.
3. Install VC++ 2015 of both x86 & x64 versions in the _CommonRedist fold of the game.
4. Run the game!

PS1: Mac Mini 2014Late (Medium) with Iris 5100 can run Civ6 with default setting in 1080p in the Offical Test of Civ6 with 18-22 fps. Do not give up your old or intel video card, try it.
PS2: To make more player who encounter the same problem see this solution, I will leave this review negatively, and to change it to positive in 1-2 days. (I believe someone encounter the same problem will check the negative reviews).
@PsychoBear: le même pavé en français existe ?
@HAaarrrricot: tu as le même problème?